North Curry Parish Church

  • Image: Julian Comrie

  • Image: Julian Comrie

  • Image: Julian Comrie

  • Image: Joan Gubbin

The Church of St. Peter and St Paul stands in a magnificent position dominating the approach to the village across the Levels from the North.

At night when floodlit it almost seems to hang in the sky. It is one of the oldest, and certainly the most impressive, building in the community which it has served for about seven centuries. The octagonal tower is unusual, though not unique, among Somerset Churches (there are others at Stoke St. Gregory and Barrington).

Its primary function is to witness to the glory of God, and it is a powerful reminder of the centrality of the Christian Gospel in our Somerset history.

Alfred's establishment of a first English Christian Kingdom began from the Island of Athelney a couple of miles to the north east more than eleven centuries ago.

In the twenty-first century the Church is maintained and used by a loyal and dedicated congregation who enjoy a rich tradition of worship, and work hard to maintain and enhance the beauty of this remarkable building.

Please feel free to join us at worship, to explore the richness of the building in your own time, or simply to use it for a time of private peace and reflection. You are always welcome.

The front of the church (Julian Comrie)

Path to the side (Julian Comrie)

View from the back of the church, after the early March 2020 floodings (Edward Ashby)



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